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Axial Flow Fan

  • Axial Flow Fan:

  •     Size: 900mm to 1800mm
        Capacity: 15,000CFM to 1,15000CFM.
        Pressure: Up to 80mmWG.

       Fan casing is made from heavy gauge steel with adjustable bolted type base
        support frame.
       Fan blades are designed with the latest aerodynamic software & achieve
        efficiency up to 85%.
       Static & dynamic balanced ISO grade.
       Bell mouth inlet & outlet cone increase system efficiency by 5 to 7%.
       Nose fairing or spinners reduces static or resistance by 5 to 7 %.
       Save power compare to any other manufacturer & gives better pressure.


  • Damper:

       Extruded aluminum damper aerofoil designed blades gives low pressure drop
        & offer power saving.
       Linkage & gear system used for the smooth operation.
       Ideal for automatic control operation.


  • Automatic Control System:

       Ease of operation and efficiency.
       PLC base Automation system.
       Extremely sensitive dry bulb and wet bulb temperature sensors to compute
        temperature and RH accurately.
       Motorized dumpers & motorized flow control valve to maintain desired RH.
       Our central monitoring system to control parameters right from your computer.
       Temperature is controlled by opening and closing of fresh air, return air and
        exhaust air dampers automatically with the help of actuators. Humidity is
        controlled by operating by pass dampers.




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