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Rotary Air Filter

  • Rotary Air Filter:

      Rotary air Filter shall have rotating drum made of steel grid mesh with
       suitable mounting frames, driven by a geared motor at low rpm.

      It is design to provide large filtration area.

      It is handling handling high volume of air laden with fiber & dust returning
       along with return air from department.

      Drum shall be covered with a suitable media as per the application, pressure
       drop and dust level. The fluff, fiber & dust shall be arrested on the surface of
       the filter media covering the rotating drum surface & it will be sucked by
       suction nozzle arrangement with to & fro motion connected to flexible suction
       hose. This arrangement shall continuously clean the fluff  & dust arrested on
       filter media & Collect in separate collection bag. Suction fan with collection
       unit shall be house in separate room adjoining the filter room.

      Low pressure drop is maintain due to high pressure cyclone fan which is to
       work effectively to remove not only the fluff collected on the surface of filter
       media but also the dust arrested in pores of filter media. This in term lead to
       uniform floe of Return air at constant high pressure to remove continuously
       fluff and dust from department so as to maintain clean department.

      The clean air is then either re-circulated or exhausted into the atmosphere.  

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