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Fiber Separator: Used to separate textile waste


   Fiber Separator :

Fiber Separator is used to separate textile waste such as fibres or dust from a conveying air flow. Screw conveys & compact the waste and expel the material THROUGH WASTE outlet. they are use in automatic waste removal system to separate dusty fibrous waste from air. it compacts the waste and expel through spring loaded diaphragm into waste container. highly efficient fibre removal ENSURES continuous operation of waste removal plant and ultimately optimal production output of the connected textile machinery.

  • It mainly consist of
  • Air inlet nozzle
  • air outlet nozzle
  • screw shaft
  • conical perforated cone
  • spring plate diaphragm
  • waste outlet
  • geared motor

   Operation :

The conveying air enters through the inlet NOZZLE (1) into the conical perforated cone. the fibre material is deposited on the interior side of the cone. the air flows through the perforated cone (2) to an afterfiltration. the delivery screw shaft(3) conveys compacted fibre material(6) via spring plate diaphragm(5) to the bottom in a waste container.

   Construction :

Fiber Separator body and perforated cone are made out of heavy gauge CRC M.S. sheet on latest CNC machines. screw shaft is manufactured on CNC lathes duly balanced. screw is driven only by energy efficient 0.37 kw motor, which is suitable for continuous operation. Fiber Separator body are powder coated with 7 tank treatment for longer lasting and elegant look that can match any international standards.





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