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Spray Piping


  • Spray Piping:

  •    Corrosion free, leak free, extra heavy duty PVC main header & sub header.
       Non-clog poly carbonate spray nozzle with SS. Cap & SS. 304 clamp for easy
        quick fixing.
       Nozzles give fine hollow spray with wide angle.

  • Water Eliminator:

        The eliminator eliminates water particles in the single pass of air. The PVC fins
        offer less resistance to air flow besides being light and durable. Various range
        of water eliminator are designed for horizontal air flow & complete elimination
        of free water particle.  We manufacture different type of eliminator leaf.

       Reduced pressure drop.
       Low maintenance cost.
       Less capital cost prolonged life.
       Higher efficiency of separation.

  • Inlet Louvers:

        PVC hollow 'Z' type louvers are designed & arranged in such way that air
        sucked through form a air curtain equally all over the width of air washer &
        help to achieve more saturation efficiency.

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